7 Essentials for Dog Homestay Accommodation


The Remarkables, Queenstown, New Zealand

When it comes to dog homestay accommodation Jackman and I luck out.  The other week our humans ventured to the snowy South Island of New Zealand. While they skied and made snow doggies, we holidayed at the best dog homestay around. We slept by the fire, covered our bellies in mud and played with our fellow doggy homestayers.  Holiday life could not be better than this. Continue reading


Recipe: Blueberry and Banana Yogurt Frozen Bliss Cubes

IMG_1447If you want a simple, quick and healthy treat for us furry four-legged family members, then these blueberry and banana yogurt frozen bliss cubes will do the trick. Continue reading

7 Essential Items for a Day Hike with Your Humans

Hiking EssentialsWhether you and your human family are enjoying the warm days of the northern hemisphere summer or the chilly days of the southern hemisphere winter, a hike through the woods is always a great idea.  To help you prepare for your next hike, below are seven essential items to take with you. Continue reading

Product Review: Beco Pet Bone

Product:  Beco pet boneDon't mess with my Beco bone

Tail Wags: 4 out of 5 tail wags

Durability:  High

Bordem buster level: Medium

Continue reading

A tough day at the park


The other day at the dog park, Charles Plimmer Park, our pack, me, Jackman and our human dad were running around the park chasing tennis balls when another dog and its humans arrived.   Continue reading

How to introduce a puppy into your pack

Jackman Telluride here, Jessie’s new little brother and guest blogger today on adding a new puppy to an established pack. It feels like only yesterday that I joined my new pack.  Yet, more than 5 months has passed. While my experience meeting Jessie was a bit unique there are key takeaways, which I’m sharing today, that many can use when introducing a new member to their pack. Continue reading

Flying for Ducks – Tips about how to travel by plane with your dog

Romping through the grass

Once, I was minding my own business digging a hole in the garden when out of nowhere a baby dove flew right into my mouth.  Ok, it didn’t really fly into my mouth, I may have gently encouraged it in, but like a good little dog I brought it directly to its rightful owner without a feather out-of-place. Based on that and other bird-catching experiences, it doesn’t surprise me that hunting ducks and other waterfowl runs through my doggy veins. Continue reading

The Reality of Bathing Your Dog in 20 Steps

On a beautiful summer-like day my humans found the need to bathe me.  Did I smell extra funky?  No.  Did I roll in something gross?  No.  Nope, my humans just decided to wake me from my slumber and put me through pure torture.  Sun doggyWhile I am a water dog and love swimming in the sea, there is something about water coming out of a long hose that puts my tail straight between legs.

Please note, I know my parents did this out of the goodness of their hearts, but it doesn’t mean I can’t make them feel a bit guilty.  My sad puppy-dog eyes are quiet good. Continue reading

Winning the doggy health battle

As my recovery progresses, the days of eating bland kibble are numbered.  Yahoooooooo!

The day my humans took me home from Massey Veterinary Hospital a part of me worried that we would go back there one day.  Thus far, that has not happened.

Since returning home a number of things changed for the better in treating my chronic colitis and incontinence. Continue reading

Hidden Dog-friendly Accommodation in Taupo

We were off!  The road trip up through the North Island of New Zealand was underway.  Final destination. . . my doggy family for a long overdue visit.  With the drive well over eight hours I was going to need a stretch and a break from the squished back seat.  Fortunately for me, my humans felt the same way.  By the time we rolled into Taupo it was late and my grumbling tummy told me it was well passed my dinner time.  If only I could figure out how to get into that big bag of dog food that my humans put within a paw reach of me.   Continue reading